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What To Gift To Someone Who Loves Taylor Swift?

Last update: 2024-07-11

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a Taylor Swift superfan in your life? As one of the biggest pop stars in the world, Taylor has an enormously dedicated fanbase always eager to show their Swiftie pride. If you have a friend or family member who is a huge Swifty, finding them a Taylor-themed present they'll adore is a great way to show you support their fandom. Here are some amazing Taylor Swift gift ideas any true fan would love to receive.

Taylor Swift Music & Merchandise

Naturally, any big Taylor Swift fan would love receiving her music or official merchandise. Taylor has released 10 smash hit studio albums over her prolific career, so gifted your Swiftie her discography on CD or vinyl would make an appreciated gift. You could also get them Taylor's latest album Midnights along with a pair of her signature cat ear headphones for listening.

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. January 29th, 2023. Publicity materials for Taylor Swift's album Midnights on display in a record shop window.

Official Taylor Swift merchandise like t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, mugs and other items from her online store would also be welcomed. You could make it extra special by tracking down rare or limited edition merchandise from her previous eras and tours. Any fan would love unwrapping a Reputation hoodie or 1989 tour shirt they've been longing to add to their Swiftie wardrobe.

Concert Tickets

For the ultimate Taylor Swift fan gift, surprising them with tickets to see her live in concert would be a dream come true. Taylor is renowned for her epic, theatrical stadium tours like Reputation and 1989 filled with surprise guests, emotional monologues and elaborate choreography. Any Swiftie would be overjoyed to receive the gift of a golden circle pit ticket or VIP package to finally see their idol live.

Make a whole concert experience by booking a fancy hotel, making matching t-shirts and planning a weekend Taylor Swift-themed trip around the show. Your Swiftie friend will undoubtedly feel so lucky to share their fandom seeing Taylor Swift perform classics like "All Too Well", "Blank Space" and "Shake It Off" in person.

Taylor Swift Book

Taylor's songwriting and path to pop stardom is endlessly fascinating to her fans, so gifting a book about her life and career would make for an educational and entertaining read. There are various biographies like "The Taylor Swift Story" by Belmont & Belcourt or photo books like "Taylor Swift: This Is Our Song" by Tyler Conroy that chronicle her rise to fame.

San Francisco, USA - August 2019: Hand holding a copy of Vogue magazine with Taylor Swift on cover

You could also gift a songwriting analysis book like "The Art and Music of Taylor Swift" by Jennie S. Bev to offer insight into her lyrical talents. Any book that dives deeper into Taylor's inspirations, creative process and musical legacy will totally absorb a devoted Swiftie.

DIY Taylor Swift Gift Basket

For a more personal touch, you can handmake a Taylor Swift-themed gift basket full of fun fandom treats. Fill a basket with Taylor Swift albums, tour books, a signature red lipstick, guitar picks and other merch. You could make DIY items like homemade sugar cookies decorated with lyrics, Polaroid photos printed with Taylor quotes or a scrapbook chronicling her career.

Top it all off with some themed confetti, a card listing your favorite Taylor songs and a sweet handwritten note sharing what her music means to you. A heartfelt DIY Taylor Swift gift basket shows you put time, effort and love into celebrating their fandom.

Taylor Swift Jewelry & Accessories

Subtly showing their Swiftie pride through stylish accessories is sure to delight any fan. You can find Taylor Swift charms, pendants and earrings on Etsy handmade by other fans. A dainty necklace with her favorite number "13" or initials "TAS" will give their fandom a shiny flair.

Golden snake brooch. Photo taken October 30th, 2020, Zurich, Switzerland.

Emblematic imagery from her music videos and tours like snakes, beads from her Reputation era or feathers from her Lover era also make for chic earrings and charms. A Taylor Swift phone case, keychain or even a custom denim or leather jacket featuring her lyrics or album art can also be cherished keepsakes.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the most meaningful gift you can give a Taylor Swift fan?

For most Swifties, the most treasured and meaningful gift is something that shows you put time, creativity and personalization into acknowledging their fandom. Handmade gifts like a lyric blanket you sewed or a memory scrapbook of concert stubs and photos can become keepsakes.

2. What Taylor Swift merch do fans want the most?

Limited edition or rare merch is always coveted by fans. Signed CD booklets, vintage concert tees from past tours or fan-made items like bracelets crafted from Reputation Stadium Tour wristbands are unique finds fans crave. Of course, any Taylor Swift merch from her online store is a safe bet too!

3. Is Taylor Swift merch expensive to buy for gifts?

There is a wide range available when it comes to Taylor Swift merch price points. Small items like keychains may be just $10, while high-end collectibles like signed lithographs can be upwards of $200+. But you can find quality merch like t-shirts, hoodies and accessories in the $30-$60 range, which makes great gifts.

4. What clever DIY Taylor Swift gift ideas can you make at home?

Some fun DIY gift ideas for Swifties include baking cookies decorated with lyrics in icing, sewing a pillow or scarf featuring her album covers, creating a framed collage of her magazine covers, knitting a scarf with her quote lyrics or painting a canvas tote or denim jacket with her song titles.

5. How early should you buy Taylor Swift concert tickets as a gift?

Taylor Swift concert tickets, especially floor seats or VIP packages, often sell out extremely quickly. If gifting tickets for an upcoming tour, you'll want to buy as soon as they go on sale to secure the best seats. Many fans also join fan club presales to get early access. Buying 3-6 months in advance is safest.


Giving a thoughtful, fan-focused gift to the Taylor Swift devotee in your life shows how much you want to recognize their fandom joy. Catering to their favorite albums, customizing merch, scoring concert tickets or crafting homemade DIY gifts from the heart will make any Swiftie feel seen and supported. Remember, it's not always about spending big, it's the love, details and knowledge of their idol that count most. Any true Taylor Swift fan is sure to feel cherished receiving a gift that indulges their Swifty spirit.

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