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What To Give Someone Who Lost A Pet

Last update: 2024-02-24

Losing a pet can be absolutely devastating. Our furry friends become like family, and saying goodbye is incredibly hard. When someone you know loses their beloved companion, you naturally want to help them through their grief in any way you can. One of the best things you can do is give them a thoughtful gift to honor their pet's memory. Here are some ideas for gifts to give someone who lost a pet.

Commemorative Keepsakes

One of the most meaningful gifts you can give is a keepsake item to memorialize the pet. This will likely become a treasured possession that brings comfort when they miss their friend. Some commemorative gift ideas include:

Photo FramesTeenage female artist holding a painting frame in the studio

A framed photo of their pet or a collage of pictures through the years is a thoughtful memento. Look for a nice frame that can be proudly displayed in their home. You may even be able to find one that's engraved or personalized.

Pet Memorial Stones

Beautiful stones and plaques can be engraved with the pet's name, lifespan dates, and a short personal message. These special markers look lovely in a garden or can even be kept indoors.

Pet OrnamentsYoung woman standing next to Christmas tree, holding her cute dog, both wearing Santa hats

Help keep their pet's memory alive every holiday season with a commemorative Christmas ornament. Many companies will custom-make ornaments featuring photos, names, paw prints, and designs that celebrate the pet's unique personality.

Pet Portrait

Commission an artist to create a painting or drawing of their beloved companion from a favorite photo. A portrait makes a meaningful remembrance gift. For an extra special touch, have the portrait framed.

Paw Print ImpressionsImage of funny spaniel with paw drawing

Capturing their pet's paw print in clay, ink, or plaster creates a lasting imprint. Paw print kits often come with options to add the pet's name and date as well.

Pet Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry is another very touching way to pay tribute to a cherished animal friend. Pieces like lockets and charms allow the pet parent to keep their dear one close. Some meaningful jewelry gift ideas are:

Engraved Pet Tag NecklacesRed cat

Pet tag style necklaces can be engraved with the pet's name, birthday, adoption date, or a short personal message. This jewelry keeps their memory literally close to the heart.

Pet Charm Bracelets

A charm bracelet enables them to carry multiple reminders of their furry friend. Charms can feature their name, paw print, portrait, or symbols that capture the pet's personality.

Pet Memorial RingsClose-up of beautiful fabric bracelet isolated on white background

Rings can be engraved on the outside or inside of the band with the pet's name, dates, paw prints, and other special words. The ring becomes a part of everyday wear to quietly remember the one they lost.

Pet Urns Jewelry

For pet parents who chose cremation, mourning jewelry like lockets or beads can hold a bit of their pet's ashes inside. This creates an intimate way for them to keep their companion with them always.

Pet Loss Gifts

You can also give comforting gifts to help someone cope with the emotions of losing a beloved pet. These are especially thoughtful for those grieving the recent loss of their animal friend. Some helpful pet loss gift ideas include:

Pet Memorial BooksScrapbook of dog amidst craft utilities on table

Many beautiful books and journals are designed just for honoring a beloved pet's memory. These provide helpful prompts and templates to celebrate their friendship, process emotions, and begin healing.

Pet Loss Candles

Scented candles give a warm, comforting glow while also emitting a lovely aroma. Candles marketed for pet remembrance often feature light, peaceful scents like lavender or vanilla.

Pet Sympathy CardsCloseup woman paying for purchase at pet shop using credit card

Let them know you're thinking of them with a card specifically made for pet loss. These will have a caring message to let them know their pet won't be forgotten.

Pet Memorial Wind Chimes

The peaceful notes of wind chimes create a soothing sound for grieving pet parents. Memorial chimes often come engraved with moving messages of comfort and hope.

Donation Gift CardsCropped view of man paying with credit card near poodle and veterinarian in pet shop

Make a donation to a local animal shelter or pet charity in their departed friend's name. Giving gift cards enables them to be involved in selecting a cause their beloved pet would have loved supporting.

Tips for Giving Pet Loss Gifts

When giving a gift to someone grieving a pet loss, keep these tips in mind for making your gesture as sensitive and comforting as possible:gift card modern, glamour style design, elegant voucher layout, business card

  • Give the gift in person so you can offer your heartfelt condolences while showing you care.
  • Include a handwritten card sharing your favorite story or memory about their pet. This shows how much their furry friend meant to you too.
  • Let them know the gift is meant to honor their pet's life and memory whenever they need comfort. There's no obligation to use it right away.
  • If they lost their pet very recently, gifts that commemorate the pet may be too painful at first. Consider giving restaurant gift cards, soothing self-care items, or offering practical help with errands and chores during the initial rawness of their grief.
  • Don't avoid mentioning their pet because you fear upsetting them. Speaking their friend's name and reminiscing about happy memories are often very comforting.
  • Understand that grief comes in waves, so continue checking in and showing you care even after the initial loss. Knowing their pet isn't forgotten is very meaningful.


What's an appropriate gift for a coworker or acquaintance whose pet died?

For someone you're less close with, a sympathy card, donations to a pet charity in their pet's name, gift basket of self-care or comfort items, or restaurant gift certificates are thoughtful gestures.

What if I don't know the details of their pet like name, age, or breed?

Even without specifics, you can still choose a touching gift like a photo frame, journal, wind chimes, or candle that commemorates their friendship and helps them process their grief. Don't let lack of details prevent you from reaching out.

Is it okay to give a pet loss gift for a pet that died a while ago?

Absolutely. Honoring a beloved pet's memory is always meaningful, whenever the loss occurred. Let them know you saw the gift and thought of their dear furry companion they still miss.

What if I'm not sure what kind of pet they lost?

Consider a sympathy card, comforting book, or gift certificate that can honor any type of pet. If you do know details like whether their pet was a dog, cat, bird, etc., choosing a gift specific to that animal makes it extra thoughtful.

Should I give them something cheerful to lift their spirits or something more somber?

It's usually best to give comforting gifts that recognize the sadness of losing a pet, which shows you understand their grief. A photo frame, memorial stone, or candle helps them feel understood while paying tribute to their pet.


Losing a beloved pet leaves an immense hole in our hearts. While nothing can erase the pain of that absence, memorial gifts provide solace and support during the grieving process. Choosing a thoughtful gift that honors the pet's memory, like an engraved keepsake, jewelry, or memorial art, gives the bereaved pet parent a way to forever remember their irreplaceable furry family member. Whenever you want to show someone you care during the devastating time of losing a pet, remember a heartfelt gift that celebrates their cherished animal friend will always be meaningful and deeply appreciated.

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