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How Much Should I Give As A Gift?

Last update: 2023-11-08

Deciding how much to spend on a gift can be tricky. Here are some tips to help you figure out an appropriate amount.

Key Considerations When Deciding Gift Amounts

When thinking about how much you should spend on a gift, there are a few key factors to keep in mind:Couple giving or receiving a gift for birthday or anniversary at home

Relationship with the Recipient

  • The closer you are to the recipient, the more you'll likely want to spend. For immediate family members and very close friends, don't be afraid to be generous within your budget. For casual acquaintances, coworkers and distant relatives, scale back the spending.

Income Differences

  • If you have a significantly higher income than the recipient, scale up your gift a bit to be thoughtful of that difference. Likewise, if you are on a tighter budget than the recipient, feel free to spend a more modest amount.


  • Special milestones and holidays merit higher gift spending than a casual birthday or housewarming. Think graduations, weddings, baby showers, major birthdays/anniversaries.

Kids vs. Adults

  • Gifts for kids can be more modestly priced than gifts for adults. Adult gifts tend to scale up for milestone events and with closer relationships.

Personalized vs. Generic

  • A gift that shows you put thought into the recipient's personality and interests is always appreciated. Don't feel obligated to spend a lot, but do aim for personalized over generic.

Suggested Gift Spending Guidelines

Here are some general gift spending ranges to keep in mind for common occasions and relationships:Gift box illustration

  • Immediate family member's birthday: $30-$100
  • Close friend's birthday: $20-$50
  • Casual acquaintance/coworker birthday: $10-$30
  • Wedding gift for close friend/family: $50-$150+
  • Wedding gift for casual friend/distant relative: $20-$100
  • Baby shower gift for close friend: $30-$100+
  • Baby shower gift for casual friend: $20-$50
  • Housewarming gift: $20-$50
  • Major milestone birthday (30th, 40th, etc): $50-$100+
  • Holiday gift for close family: $30-$100
  • Holiday gift for distant family: $20-$50
  • Holiday gift for close friend: $20-$50
  • Holiday gift for casual friend/coworker: $10-$30

These are just general guidelines - feel free to adjust up or down based on your specific situation. The thought is what matters most!

Putting Together the Perfect Gift within Your Budget

Here are some tips to give a thoughtful, meaningful gift while staying within your desired spending amount:Friends cook lunch together in the kitchen with a glass of red wine

  • Make it personal. Include inside jokes, favorite snacks, hobbies or other personal touches.
  • Give your time. Offer to babysit, cook a meal, help with a DIY project. Time is truly priceless.
  • Create something. Mix CDs or playlists, photo books, handmade art or crafts. These gifts show you put in effort.
  • Buy a small luxury. Get a fancy chocolate bar, artisanal soap or candle, unique coffee. Little indulgences can feel special.
  • Focus on quality over quantity. One amazing gift beats five mediocre ones.
  • Give an experience. Event tickets, museum memberships, spa certificates. These create wonderful memories.
  • Shop sales. Wait for promotions, coupons and holiday sales to maximize your budget. Sign up for retailer emails for extra savings.
  • Contribute to a bigger gift. Go in on a group gift the recipient really wants. Coordinate with others to make it happen.
  • Give your talents. Offer photography sessions, musical performances, tutoring or coaching in your areas of expertise.

With thoughtfulness and creativity, you can give amazing gifts within any budget. A sincere, heartfelt gift will always be appreciated, however much you spend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I spend on a wedding gift?

For family and close friends, plan on spending $75-$150+ on a wedding gift. For more casual friends or distant relatives, $50-$100 is generally appropriate. If traveling for the wedding, you can scale down the gift further.

What if I can only afford a small gift?

Don't stress if you can only spend a modest amount! Supplement your gift with a thoughtful card sharing your well wishes. Handmake a gift or give your time to show you care. Focus on personalized details versus dollar amount.

Is it ok to give a gift card?

Gift cards can be perfect gifts, especially for casual acquaintances. Opt for a slightly higher amount gift card for close loved ones. Include a sweet handwritten note to make it feel more heartfelt.

What if I don't know the recipient very well?

For acquaintances, coworkers and distant relatives you don't know well, keep gifts simpler and less expensive. Consumable gifts like sweets, candles or flowers are universally appreciated. A gift card gives them purchasing power.

Should children give gifts to adults?

It's thoughtful for children to exchange small gifts or handmake cards for close adults in their lives. For more distant relatives, having the child sign a card or gift from the parents is plenty. Do not feel obligated to have children give gifts extensively.


Gift giving should be a joyful experience. The key is to focus on choosing gifts that show thoughtfulness, personalization and care. Tailor your spending to your budget and the occasion, prioritizing sentimental value over dollar amounts. With creativity and sincerity, you can pick the perfect gifts while still being financially responsible. Trust your instincts, and have fun celebrating your loved ones!

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