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Present For Pregnant Friend Not For Baby

Last update: 2023-11-13

When a close friend announces they're expecting a baby, it's only natural to want to celebrate their joyful news with a gift for the little one on the way. However, while presents for the baby are always appreciated down the road, it's also thoughtful to get a gift specifically for the new mom-to-be. After all, pregnancy is an exciting but challenging time, and a present that pampers, entertains or cares for the expectant mother helps show your support during the transition to parenthood.

Focusing on Self-Care

One of the best gift ideas for an expecting friend is something that promotes rest, relaxation and self-care. From cozy pajamas to calming candles or bath products, treats like these acknowledge that pregnancy can be tiring and stressful. Getting adequate rest and taking time for personal renewal is vital for expectant mothers, so gifts that encourage rejuvenation make ideal presents. Some specific self-care presents to consider include:Close up view of a pregnant woman sleeping on the bed with the pregnancy pillow

  • Pregnancy pillow - Provides comfort and support for sleeping.
  • Massage gift certificate - Offers relief for muscle aches and pains.
  • Luxurious robe and slippers - For ultimate comfort and relaxation at home.
  • Prenatal yoga or meditation classes - Promotes mental and physical wellness.
  • Maternity loungewear - Stretchy, soft pajamas or loungewear outfits.
  • Pampering basket - Filled with lotions, bath bombs, face masks, etc.

Giving the gift of rest and renewal shows you recognize the pregnant friend's needs during this demanding time. She'll appreciate the thoughtfulness of gifts that help her take a break and focus on self-care.

Keeping Her Entertained

Another thoughtful gift idea for a pregnant friend is something fun to pass the time during long days at home. As energy levels ebb and flow, expectant moms often find themselves spending more time relaxing on the couch. Entertainment gifts are great for filling long hours and giving a boost when energy is low. Consider these gift ideas to keep your pregnant buddy happily occupied:Wireless headphones cut out isolated on white background

  • Subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu.
  • Wireless headphones and audiobook credits for hands-free listening.
  • Adult coloring books and markers for relaxing creativity.
  • Cozy slipper socks and word puzzle books for lounging.
  • A gift card for Kindle books or movies to download.
  • Board games, puzzles and playing cards for passing time.
  • Comfy blanket and snacks to munch on while binge watching shows.

Entertainment gifts not only stave off boredom for homebound moms-to-be, they provide an uplifting distraction from any pregnancy discomforts or anxieties your friend may be experiencing. Keeping her entertained is a thoughtful way to buoy her spirits during the challenges of pregnancy.

Getting Practical Gifts Too

While relaxation and entertainment presents make pregnant friends feel special, practical gifts can also be greatly appreciated. After all, pregnancy brings many physical changes and lifestyle adaptations that essentials like maternity clothes, nursing items and delivery supplies can help address. Useful gifts for consideration include:Shopping online with smartphone and credit card on hand

  • Maternity tunic tops or leggings - Stretchy, versatile staple pieces.
  • Supportive maternity bra - Provides comfort as bust size fluctuates.
  • Pregnancy journal or weekly calendar - To document changes and track appointments.
  • Baby name book - For picking just the right name!
  • Postpartum recovery kit - With pads, soothing spray, etc. to aid healing after delivery.
  • Breastfeeding essentials like nursing pads, nipple cream, etc.
  • Gift card for a maternity clothes shopping spree.

Though not as glamorous as spa products and plush robes, practical presents like these reflect your understanding of the physical realities of pregnancy. The expectant mother is sure to appreciate gifts that help meet needs for support and comfort during this transition.

No matter if you opt for pampering, practical or purely fun gifts, choosing something just for the pregnant mother-to-be shows your love and support as she embarks on the journey of parenthood. She'll be touched by your thoughtfulness in recognizing her needs during this momentous time of preparation and change. When the gift is all about celebrating and supporting the mom's experience, not just the baby, it shows how much you cherish your friendship as it enters this new chapter.

5 Frequently Asked Questions

1. What if I don't know her delivery date or don't want to guess if it's a boy or girl?

Focus on gifts that promote comfort, pampering and entertainment to avoid stressing about delivery dates or gender specifics. Self-care items, cozy loungewear, movie subscriptions or spa gift cards make great gender-neutral gift options.

2. Is it still ok to get a small gift for the baby too?

Absolutely! Just be sure the pregnant friend is also getting a gift that's just for her enjoyment, not baby-focused. A small keepsake or outfit for the baby makes a lovely extra gift.

3. What if I'm attending a baby shower - isn't that gift for the mom & baby?

Even if you're giving a traditional baby shower gift, a gift specially for the mom lets her know you're thinking of her well-being too. Pampering gifts are perfect to give at the shower, or consider giving your mom-focused gift before or after the main event.

4. What if she seems stressed - would pregnancy gifts overwhelm her more?

Gifts that specifically promote relaxation and self-care can be a thoughtful way to acknowledge stress without exacerbating it. But if you know she's feeling truly overwhelmed, gifts after the baby arrives may be appreciated most.

5. Is it ok to give hand-me-down maternity clothes from another mom?

Secondhand maternity wear is very welcome, provided the items are in excellent condition. Be sure they're thoroughly cleaned in advance. Include some small pampering treats too to sweeten the package.


When a close friend announces the thrilling news that she's pregnant, it's only natural to want to support her with a thoughtful gift. While presents for the baby are always welcome down the road, choosing a gift that's specially for the expectant mother can be particularly meaningful. From pampering treats that encourage rest and self-care to fun entertainment gifts that brighten long days at home, a present that celebrates the mom-to-be during this life changing time shows how much you appreciate your friendship as it enters an exciting new chapter. By keeping the focus of your gift on the pregnant friend's experience, not just the new arrival, you thoughtfully honor this special time in her life.

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