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Finding the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Teenage Guys

Last update: 2024-07-11

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about what to get that special guy in your life. Shopping for valentine's gifts for teenage guys can feel tricky - after all, they're not little kids anymore but they're also not full blown adults yet. The gift needs to be age appropriate while still making them feel special. Here are some ideas to help you pick out the perfect valentine's gifts for teenage guys.

Consider Their Interests

The best valentine's gifts for teenage guys are ones that align with their hobbies, passions or interests. Think about the things they love to do or talk about. Are they obsessed with a certain sport, band, video game or TV show? Get them a gift that relates to that. For example, if they love playing basketball, get them new sneakers or a basketball shirt from their favorite team. For a gamer, consider a new video game or gaming accessory. If they're into music, concert tickets for their favorite band would be an awesome gift.

Store showcase with gamepads, video game accessories. Poznan Game Arena, a video game trade show.

Getting a gift based on their interests shows that you pay attention to what they like. It makes the present more meaningful and personalized. Teenage guys will appreciate that you took the time to get them something tailored just for them.

Give Them Tech and Electronics

Another go-to category for valentine's gifts for teenage guys is technology and electronics. Things like new headphones, speakers, a gaming mouse, or the latest video game console are always a hit. You could also get them a subscription to a streaming service like Spotify Premium or Xbox Game Pass so they can access tons of new music and games.

For guys who are more into computers and coding, consider useful tech gifts like a keyboard, laptop stand, external monitor or programming books. If you want to splurge, tablets, smart watches and drones also make exciting valentine's gifts for teenage guys. Just make sure you get the right brand/model that they're into.

Pamper Them with Self-Care Items

Though they may not admit it, teenage guys care about their appearance and wanting to look good. Valentine's gifts for teenage guys that make them feel pampered are always appreciated. Think grooming gifts like beard oils, hydrating face masks, moisturizers, specialty soaps or gift sets from Axe, Old Spice or other masculine brands.

Natural SPA cosmetics for skincare, body and hair care. Top view facial clay masks, loofah, sponge, hair comb on peach background

You could also do a self-care themed gift basket. Include things like comfy slippers, bath bombs, fancy coffee, energy drinks, at-home workout gear, or even opt for a gift card for a massage. It shows you want him to take time for self-care while making him feel mature.

Surprise Them with Tickets or Experiences

For an exciting valentine's gift for teenage guys, look into getting tickets to a live event like a concert, sports game, escape room, arcade or virtual reality gaming. Experiential gifts create happy memories together. Plan a fun activity like indoor skydiving, go-kart racing, mini golf or an amusement park trip. Or take them out for a day of paintball, laser tag or ropes courses.

If you're not sure what experience to book, a gift card to Ticketmaster, LiveNation, AMC theaters, Dave & Buster's or a local gaming center still lets them have the flexibility to choose. Experiential valentine's gifts for teenage guys beat material items by creating quality bonding time.

Give Them Apparel and Accessories

You can never go wrong getting a teenage guy trendy clothes and accessories for Valentine's Day. Think about updating their wardrobe with graphic t-shirts from brands like Champion, Nike and Adidas. Go for joggers, hoodies, flannel shirts or cool jackets in their favorite colors.

For accessories, valentine's gifts for teenage guys could include snapbacks, beanies, sneakerhead socks, rugged watches, jewelry or anywhere from Lids or Zumiez. Even everyday items like new boxers, pajama pants or slides from UGG, Adidas or Nike make practical gifts. Just be sure to get the proper sizes.

Fulfill Their Sweet Tooth

At the end of the day, teenage guys love to eat. Valentine's Day gifts for teenage guys that revolve around sweets and favorite snacks are sure to satisfy. Opt for delicious treats like premium chocolates, gourmet brownies or cookies, specialty candy or assorted gift baskets. Or you could get supplies to make homemade goodies together like cake pop kits, DIY candy molds, a chocolate fountain or pancake maker.

Festive dessert box

You could also do a gift card to a popular fast food place like Chipotle, Starbucks or CoreLife so they can grab meals with friends. Or plan a special dessert date night at their favorite ice cream shop or bakery. They'll appreciate indulging their sweet tooth.

FAQs About Valentine's Day Gifts for Teenage Guys

What are good inexpensive Valentine's Day gifts for teenage guys?

Some budget-friendly gift ideas include video games, graphic t-shirts, beanies, food gifts like candy or snack assortments, coffee mugs, water bottles, tech accessories like headphones or phone cases, toiletry sets, or subscriptions to streaming services. The key is getting something useful or hands-on they'll enjoy.

What do teenage guys want for Valentine's Day?

Most teenage guys appreciate gifts like electronics, video games, tickets to live events, clothing items, sports gear, or any gifts related to hobbies they're passionate about. Experiential gifts for activities you can do together also make meaningful Valentine's gifts. Gift cards give them flexibility too.

What gifts do 15 year old guys like?

Great gifts for 15-year-old guys include wireless earbuds, gaming chairs, LED lights for their bedroom, bingeable streaming service subscriptions, cool wall art, clothing in their style" snacks and candy gift baskets, sports memorabilia, and useful accessories like backpacks or wallets.

What gifts do 17 year old guys like?

Perfect gift ideas for 17-year-old guys include tech like smart watches, tablets or gaming laptops, tickets to a concert or game, tools for car lovers, video games, gift cards for Uber Eats or GrubHub, grooming kits, furniture for dorms or apartments, and chilling gear like hammocks or cornhole sets.

What do you get a teenage guy for Valentine's Day if you just started dating?

If you just began dating a teenage guy, good Valentine's Day gifts include sweet treats like chocolate or their favorite candy, a cute coffee mug, playing cards or board games you can do together, a personalized Spotify playlist of romantic songs, flowers, a gift card for coffee, or fun date night ideas like couples cooking classes. Keep it thoughtful but not overboard.


Figuring out the perfect valentine's gift for teenage guys requires a little thoughtfulness. Focus on gifts that align with their interests, pamper them with self-care, satisfy their appetite, or create shared experiences. Tech gifts, clothing pieces, entertainment subscriptions or tickets to live events are also smart go-to options. Just make sure whatever you choose feels relevant to who they are as an individual. Gift-giving is truly the thought that counts when it comes to teens. Shop mindfully and your Valentine's Day gift will be a success.

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