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What Is A Good Gift To Give A Writer?

Last update: 2023-11-08

Writers spend a lot of time creating worlds with words. Their craft requires imagination, research, and persistence. If you have a writer in your life, you may be wondering - what is a good gift to give a writer? There are many great options to consider that can make a thoughtful present.


open journal notebook and fountain pen
One of the best gifts you can give a writer is a journal. Writers are always jotting down ideas, observations, snippets of conversations and more. A nice journal gives them a place to organize all of those thoughts. Opt for a bound notebook style versus a spiral one - the pages stay put better when they're scribbling away on both sides. You can make it more personal by having their name or initials engraved on the front.


A quality pen is another useful gift for a writer. Look for a pen made from metal versus plastic, which will last longer. Fountain pens allow for smooth ink flow. Gel pens write vividly on the page. And a standard ballpoint pen is always handy to have too. Go for a luxury brand like Parker, Cross, or Montblanc for an extra special gift. Present the pen in a box or case.


Books on a bookshelf with brass duck bookends.
For the writer with an extensive library, a nice set of bookends can help keep their collection organized. Bookends come in all shapes, sizes and materials - from simple metal stops to ornate bronze statues. Look for ones shaped like open books or quills as a nod to the recipient's hobby. If you know their favorite genre, you can find bookend designs that tie to that - like dragons for fantasy writers.


A paperweight is both decorative and functional for writers who may have stacks of papers on their desk. Choose one made from glass or crystal for extra brilliance as it holds down their works in progress. You can select a shape that fits with their personality - like a globe for a world traveler or animal for a nature lover. For a personalized touch, look for a paperweight that can be engraved with their name or a quote.

Reading Light

Piano with reading light and glowing fireplace during holiday season
To help them review their drafts, get a writer a nice reading light. Standing desk lamps direct illumination right where they need it without casting shadows. Clip-on book lights are great for reading anywhere without bothering others. Or try a rechargeable and portable reading light that they can easily move around the house. Adding batteries makes it ready to use right away.

Desk Accessories

Help a writer organize their workspace with practical desk accessories. A leather desk pad or blotter protects the surface while also looking distinguished. Letter trays corral papers and envelopes. Sticky note holders keep different color tabs within reach. And a magazine file provides a spot for research materials and clippings. Matching accessories can create a cohesive look on their desktop.


Any writer would love more books to read. Do a little investigating to find out what's already on their to-read list. Then surprise them with those forthcoming titles or older releases they've been hoping to get their hands on. Don't just grab the first edition you see - try to find special versions like signed copies or those with movie tie-in covers. A stack of fresh reads is a treat for their imagination.

Lap Desk

Lap Top, Empty Clipboard With Paper, Pencil, Calculator And Vase In Office. Desk With Computer, Blank Notebook And Flower. Stationery At Work Place.
For writers who work in multiple locations, a lap desk creates an instant work surface. The cushioned base rests comfortably on the thighs while the flat surface holds a laptop steadily. Some designs feature storage spots for smaller items like pens and notebooks. Others include features like a built-in mouse pad or USB port. This portable option lets them write from the couch, in bed, on the porch or wherever inspiration strikes.

Backup Drive

Writers have the worst nightmare of a crashed computer stealing away their work. Ease their worries with an external hard drive or a cloud storage subscription where they can safely backup their many words. Online backup services like Carbonite automatically save document versions. For a physical backup, look for a portable external hard drive with 1TB or more capacity. Gift a writer peace of mind along with the ease of safeguarding their writing.

Personalized Stamp

For sealing letters and marking their signature on important documents, a customized stamp makes a unique gift. The stamp can feature the writer's name, initials, book title or even their logo or headshot. Wood mount rubber stamps make an elegant impression. Or try a self-inking stamp for no-mess use. Present it with a pad of ink and flat storage box to keep it safe when not in use.

Gift Card

Store Gift Card now used instead of gift vouchers against a silk background with blank area for inserting your own brand or logo
When in doubt, a gift card makes shopping for a writer easy. Is there a bookshop they love to browse but seldom splurge? Get a gift card for their favorite location. Or give them a card for an online retailer like Amazon so they can use it towards books, office supplies, a new laptop and more. Even a general Visa gift card lets them make purchases for their passion. A gift card gives them spending flexibility.

FAQs About Gifts for Writers

What do you give a writer for their birthday?

Great birthday gifts for writers include journals, fancy pens, desk accessories, bookends, reading lights, laptop bags, personalized stamps and gift cards to bookstores.

What Christmas gifts are good for writers?

Holiday gift ideas for writers include coffee table books, magazine subscriptions, membership to writer organizations, online writing courses, literary T-shirts, bookish throw pillows and personalized notebooks.

What should you not give a writer?

Avoid giving a writer meaningless knickknacks, scented candles that can interfere with their sense of smell, noisy electronics, cheap pens that leak and paper made from wood pulp.

Is money a good gift for a writer?

Cash or a prepaid Visa gift card is often appreciated, as it allows them to purchase books, office supplies, classes or experiences helpful to their craft. Even a small amount shows your support.

What presents do writers really want?

Many writers would love gifts that pamper them like cozy slippers, eyeshades, and ergonomic chairs. Wellness subscriptions for meditation or stretching breaks are welcome too. Experiential gifts like author events and writing getaway also make memorable gifts.


Writers spend much of their days dreaming and arranging thoughtful prose. There are many gift ideas that can make their lives a little easier - or at least more inspired. Quality pens, notebooks and desk accessories give them the tools to work. Unique bookends, stamps and paperweights decorate their workspace. Gift cards empower them to buy whatever their careers need. And cozy, useful presents provide comfort during long hours of writing. Any of these gifts will be appreciated by the wordsmith in your life.

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