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What Should I Gift My Best Friend After A Long Time?

Last update: 2024-07-11

Your best friend is the person you can always count on, no matter what. They're the ones who know you better than anyone else, and they're always there for you, through thick and thin. So, when it's time to find a gift for your best friend, you want to make sure it's something special. Choose something personal and meaningful. The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. Think about what your best friend loves and enjoys, and choose a gift that reflects that.

Consider your budget. Gifts don't have to be expensive to be meaningful. There are many thoughtful and affordable gifts that your best friend will love. Don't be afraid to get creative. If you're looking for a truly unique gift, consider making something yourself or putting together a personalized gift basket.

Here are a few specific gift ideas for your best friend after a long time:

Personalized gifts

A personalized gift shows that you put extra thought into your gift selection. Some ideas include:

Wedding rings Engraved With The Lords Prayer In Serbian

  • A custom-made piece of jewelry with their initials or birthstone
  • A framed photo collage of memorable moments and inside jokes
  • A customized t-shirt, water bottle, or phone case with an inside reference or nickname
  • A personalized coffee mug, journal, or keychain
  • A Spotify playlist of songs that are special to your friendship

The options are endless when it comes to adding a personal touch! A homemade gift or something engraved with their name will remind your BFF how much they mean to you.


Sometimes, the best gifts are experiences rather than material things. Consider giving your best friend:

  • Tickets to a concert, play, or sporting event featuring their favorite artist, actor, or team
  • A gift certificate for a spa day, massage, facial, or other pampering treat
  • Admission tickets or a pass to an amusement park, museum, or attraction they've been wanting to visit
  • Plane tickets or a gift card to help fund a getaway vacation together
  • A wine/painting class, cooking class, or other fun activity you can enjoy side-by-side

Making memories together is priceless. An experience gift allows you to spend quality time while trying something new!

Gifts that reflect their interests

If your best friend has a hobby or passion, cater your gift to that:

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  • For the foodie - a new cookbook, fancy kitchen appliance, or a gift card to their favorite restaurant
  • For the fashionista - a designer accessory, subscription to a clothing rental service, or beauty product gift set
  • For the tech geek - the latest gadget or video game
  • For the bookworm - a rare edition of their favorite book or a subscription to a book of the month club
  • For the fitness buff - a new workout outfit, fitness tracker, or passes to fitness classes
  • For the traveler - a new piece of luggage or a travel guidebook for an upcoming trip destination

Giving a gift that fits their lifestyle shows how well you know your bestie and what they love!

Gifts you can enjoy together

Some of the most memorable gifts are ones that allow you to create new experiences and make memories together. Consider these ideas:

  • Cooking, baking, or cocktail class for two
  • Wine/paint night class
  • Tickets to a concert, play, comedy show, or sporting event
  • Board games or puzzles you can play together
  • Couples massage or spa session
  • Hiking, skiing, or adventure day trip
  • Class on a new skill like pottery or photography
  • Wine/cheese tasting or craft brewery tour
  • Picnic, museum, or sightseeing trip

Spending quality time together is the best gift of all. An activity or event you can share will strengthen your bond.

Sentimental gifts

For an extra special personal touch, give a gift that symbolizes your relationship and all the memories you share:

Ancient picture album with 1942 baby photos and old folding camera

  • Custom photo book or photo calendar highlighting fun times together
  • Scrapbook or memory jar with ticket stubs, notes, and other memorabilia from your adventures
  • Engraved jewelry or gift with an inside joke or special phrase
  • Childhood photos framed together or made into an art collage
  • DIY coupon book for best friend dates, movie nights, or inside jokes
  • Custom star map of the night sky when you first met or another special date
  • Spotify playlist of "our songs" from over the years
  • Matching bracelets, necklaces, or other accessory to symbolize your unbreakable bond

A sentimental gift will tug at their heartstrings and remind your BFF how much they mean to you.

Luxury splurges

For a special milestone, don't be afraid to splurge on an over-the-top luxury gift:

  • Designer bag or accessory from their wish list
  • Piece of jewelry like earrings, necklace, or watch
  • High-end beauty product or makeup palette
  • Premium alcohol like champagne, rare whiskey, or wine tasting
  • Tickets to an exclusive event like a movie premiere or VIP concert experience
  • Flower delivery monthly or weekly for 3, 6, or 12 months
  • Tech like the latest iPhone, iPad, smart watch, or headphones
  • First class or five-star trip to dream destination

Your bestie will feel so special unwrapping a luxurious gift they've always wanted but would never splurge on themselves.

Charitable donations

If your BFF is passionate about a particular charity or cause, make a donation in their honor:

healthy nutrition vegan lifestyle females cooking

  • Donate to a charity for a cause they care about - environment, animals, education, cancer research, etc.
  • Sponsor a child through a humanitarian organization like Compassion International
  • Donate to a GoFundMe for someone in need that they shared with you
  • Pay an act of kindness forward by buying coffee, meals, or groceries for people behind you all week
  • Donate your time together - serve at a soup kitchen or volunteer for Habitat for Humanity

Giving back together creates long-lasting memories and shows the true meaning of friendship.

Additional Tips for Choosing a Gift for Your Best Friend

Think about their personality

A person wrapping a gift
  • What are their hobbies? Interests? Passions? Favorites?
  • What is their sense of humor like? Do they love cheesy gifts or sentimental ones?
  • Are they laidback and casual or enjoy pampering and glam?
  • Do they prefer practical gifts or unusual ones that show creativity?

Once you know their personality traits, you can narrow down ideas.

Consider your budget

While splurging is nice for special occasions, gifts don't have to be expensive to be heartfelt. Some budget-friendly ideas include:

  • Heartfelt homemade gifts like photo albums, memory books, coupon books, baked goods, etc.
  • Sentimental trinkets like a customized keychain, mug, bracelet, or wall art
  • Their favorite snacks, candy, baked goods, or other edible treats
  • Small hobby-related gifts like books, equipment, game credits, etc.
  • Personal care items like candles, comfy slippers, beauty products
  • Nostalgic gifts like old photos, throwback playlists, childhood toys/books

Don't be afraid to get creative

For a truly unique gift your BFF hasn't seen before, use your imagination:

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  • Make a scrapbook or diary of favorite memories
  • Write a poem, song, or rap about your friendship
  • Create a piece of art or photo collage
  • Design a custom t-shirt, water bottle, pillow, or other item
  • Cook homemade edible gifts like cookies, candy, snacks
  • Pot a plant or succulent garden
  • Organize a scavenger hunt or fun game night

Handmade and personalized gifts show you put time, effort, and creativity into their gift.

Presentation matters

Even a simple gift can feel glamorous and thoughtful if you elevate the presentation:

  • Gift wrap or place their gift in a nice gift box, basket, or bag
  • Make the unwrapping an experience with tissue paper, ribbon, bows
  • Include small extras like their favorite candy or snacks
  • Hand write a meaningful card or note about your friendship
  • Have flowers or balloons delivered with their gift
  • Coordinate a special surprise like decorations or their favorite meal

Give it with love

Boxed gift and flowers on stressed wood background

Most importantly, choose a gift that you know in your heart your BFF will appreciate. Think about what gift will put the biggest smile on their face when they open it.

Your love, thoughtfulness, effort, and sincere appreciation for your friendship are the best gifts of all.


Your best friend holds a special place in your heart. After years apart, you want to find the perfect gift to show how much you still care. Rather than just buying the first thing you see, put thought into finding a meaningful gift that reminds your best friend of the special bond you share.

A heartfelt gift doesn't need to be expensive. From sentimental DIY gifts to shared experiences, a thoughtful present can rekindle your close connection despite the long distance. Most importantly, choose a gift that reflects your history together and lets your best friend know your friendship is still as strong as ever, no matter how much time has passed.

When reuniting with a best friend after years apart, a thoughtful, personal gift speaks volumes. With creativity and sincerity, you can find the perfect way to express how much their friendship means to you, even after all this time.

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