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What To Gift A Creative Person?

Last update: 2024-07-11

Trying to find the perfect gift for the creative person in your life can seem daunting. Artists, musicians, writers, designers, and other creatives often have unique tastes and interests that can be hard to pin down. However, with some thoughtfulness and attention, you can find gifts to delight their inner muse. Here are some ideas to spark inspiration when shopping for gifts for creative people.

Tools of Their Trade

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One obvious yet perfect gift idea is to give creatives supplies and tools related to their craft. For the painter, consider high-quality brushes, paints, canvases, or an easel. For photographers, think about accessories like camera straps, lenses, photo albums, or display frames. Musicians would appreciate new guitar strings, microphone stands, recording equipment, or sheet music. Writers might enjoy a leather journal, fountain pen, typewriter, or book on writing craft. Even creative hobbyists like cooks or gardeners would welcome new tools and accessories. Focus on upgrading items they use regularly or try introducing them to something new to add to their repertoire.

Books and Media

Feeding the creative spirit often requires filling the mind with inspiration. Books, magazines, movies, music, and more can immerse creatives in art, design, culture, and ideas. Try gifting coffee table books featuring art, architecture, or photography. Subscribe them to a magazine focused on their niche like filmmaking, fashion, or fine art. Curate a playlist featuring new rising talents or musical genres to broaden their listening. Share documentaries about innovators, creators, or interesting subcultures. Even a well-crafted novel or book of poetry can spark imaginative thinking. Ensure the content aligns with their interests and taste so they can soak up fresh influences.

Experiential Gifts

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Sometimes the best way to inspire creativity is to get out into the world. Experiential gifts like tickets to a museum, play, concert, or festival make treasured memories. Look for exhibits or shows featuring creators in their field to learn from masters. Classes and workshops are another neat experience gift to build skills and community. A pottery class, writing seminar, cooking lessons, or painting retreat teaches techniques while connecting with fellow artisans. More open-ended experiences like a hike, trip, or restaurant outing can also stimulate senses and perspective. Change of scene and new activities often unlock creative flow. Pay attention to venues and locations with rich culture, art, and ambience.

Technology and Electronics

While creativity originates from within, technology and electronics can enable creative expression. Digital tools like tablets, laptops, or photo editing software empower creators with versatility. E-readers provide instant access to boundless books and content. Smart speakers stream endless music and podcasts. Video and vlogging equipment like ring lights, microphones, and green screens aid video creation. There are even creative apps and programs tailored to specific interests like writing, coding, 3D modeling, and more. Consider gifting the latest tech or accessories to augment their existing gear. Upgrade their tools to unlock new potential.

Quirky Inspiration Objects

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Offbeat objects can provide daily sparks of whimsy and inspiration. Search gift shops, museum stores, and art fairs to discover organizers, decor, office accessories, and knickknacks with creative flair. Stone paperweights, designer desk mats, unique calendars, ceramic mugs, fancy bookmarks, and inspiring posters give workspaces a boost. Fabrics, pillows, lamps, candles, and wall art with bold patterns or textures liven up living spaces. Fun socks, jewelry, watches, bags, and other accessories show off their style. Pick novel items that reflect their personality - things they wouldn't necessarily buy themselves, but that feed the muse. Give their surroundings creative spirit.

Fuel Their Passions

At their core, creative people have passions that drive them. Gifts that allow them to dive deeper into their interests can be incredibly meaningful. For the gardener, give seeds for exotic plants or a compost bin to grow skills. For the chef, spice mixes from around the world or a knife skills course to hone culinary mastery. For the fashionista, a sewing machine or book on textile arts. Help expand the boundaries of whatever unique passions make them thrive. Enable new adventures that inspire artistry. Funding classes, activities, or travels in pursuit of their loves creates lasting impact.

Matching gifts to specific creative personalities and passions takes thoughtfulness. But creative spirits will appreciate gifts however you choose to inspire them.

FAQs About Gifting Creative People

Q: What are good gift ideas for artists?

A: Great gift ideas for artists include art supplies like premium paints, brushes, canvases, sketchbooks, easels, and portfolios. Also consider art books, a museum membership, gift card to an art supply store, a palette organizer, an apron, or an experience like an art workshop or retreat.

Q: What do you buy a creative person who has everything?

A: For creative people who seem to have it all, focus on gifts that provide unique experiences and inspiration. Ideas include tickets to an exhibit or show, a curated music playlist or book collection, an inspirational creative retreat, or even just a thoughtfully written letter about how much their creativity means to you. Consumable supplies and tools they use regularly are always appreciated too.

Q: What are good gift ideas for writers or authors?

A: For the writers in your life, consider a premium notebook or journal, an elegant pen, a book on writing craft, a magazine subscription, a gift card to a bookstore, a writing retreat, tickets to a reading, or a desktop inspiration board. Display pieces like framed book pages or typewriter art also make great gifts for writers.

Q: What do you buy a photographer as a gift?

A: Great gift ideas for photographers include premium camera straps, lenses, photo albums, frames, filters, tripods, camera bags, photography books, subscriptions to photography magazines, photography classes or workshops, and photography-related travel. Also consider a photo printer or a gift card for photo printing services.

Q: What are good birthday gifts for creative best friends?

A: For a creative best friend, tailor the gift to their specific interests. Get art supplies if they are a painter, sheet music if they are a musician, cooking tools if they are a chef. Experiential gifts like a concert, exhibit, workshop, or getaway are also great for creative besties. A heartfelt letter, personalized piece of art, or creative scrapbook are options too. The best gifts will show you support their creative passion.


Finding thoughtful gifts for the creatives in your life comes down to listening to their unique interests while looking for inspiration. Given their tastes, dig for gifts that will speak to their artistic souls and enhance their creative endeavors. Let their passions guide you as you pick tools, experiences, instruction, or exposure to elevate their skills. Though creativity originates internally, external gifts can provide the spark that lights the creative fire within. Supporting creativity in others not only gives them joy, but often ripples outward to inspire and enrich the wider world.

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