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What To Gift A Girl On First Date

Last update: 2024-05-05

Going on a first date can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. You want to make a good impression and show the person you're genuinely interested in getting to know them better. An important part of making a great first impression is bringing a thoughtful gift for your date. But what exactly should you gift a girl on a first date? Here are some tips and ideas to help you pick out the perfect gift.

Why Gifting On The First Date Matters

Still life with red rose and angel among several hairpins, gift boxes and buttons on the background of paper with notes
Bringing a small gift on the first date might seem old-fashioned, but it's actually a thoughtful gesture that makes a wonderful impression. Giving a gift shows that you listened to what she said about her interests and made an effort to connect with her. It also indicates that you're serious about getting to know her better and not just casually dating around. Ultimately, gifting sets you apart from other guys she might be dating and helps you stand out in a positive way.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Gift

When selecting a gift for a first date, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Keep it simple and inexpensive

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You don't need to spend a lot of money or buy anything elaborate for a first date gift. In fact, an extravagant gift may come across as over-the-top or create unease if she doesn't know you well yet. Stick to inexpensive, modest gifts for a first date.

Make it personal

Choose a gift that shows you've paid attention to her personality, interests, and hobbies. Think about tidbits she may have mentioned loving during previous conversations and find a gift that connects to that. A personalized gift demonstrates sincere interest in who she is.

Consider versatility

Tartan Scarves for sale outside a gift shop on Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

Pick a gift she can use in a variety of ways, instead of something super specific to one activity or interest. Versatile gift ideas include candles, scarves, books, gift cards, and baked goods. Versatility makes the gift useful no matter what she's into.

Add a personal touch

Adding a personal touch takes a basic gift to the next level. For example, give her a book of poetry by her favorite author along with a handwritten note inside the cover sharing why you think she'd appreciate the book. A personal touch makes the gift more meaningful.

Gift Ideas For The First Date

Not sure where to start looking for that perfect first date gift? Here are some terrific ideas across a range of prices:

Flower or plant

Tulips in the park of Balatonfüred Balaton, Hungary

Nothing says "I'm interested in getting to know you better" quite like showing up with a beautiful bouquet of flowers or a potted plant, like an orchid or succulent. Just be sure you know what her favorite flowers are ahead of time so you can make an informed choice. A plant is a nice option for someone who may not have time to care for cut flowers.

Chocolates or baked goods

Treat her to decadent chocolates or scrumptious baked goods from a local bakery to satisfy her sweet tooth. Look for high-quality chocolates or unique flavors like salted caramel or lavender. For baked goods, pick her favorite type of treat, like cupcakes or macarons. Stay away from anything with nuts or other allergens so she can safely enjoy the gift.

Book of poems, quotes, or short stories

Leeds University's Rhiannon Lawrence-Francis holds a book of poems written by William Shakespeare which is going on display as part of an exhibition to mark 400 years since the playwright's death at the university's new Treasures of the Brotherton Gallery.

For the bookworm, give her a beautifully bound book of poems, inspiring quotes, or short stories. Tailor the topic to her preferences - perhaps a poetry collection by a favorite author or literary quotes about love and relationships. Write a heartfelt inscription inside the front cover making the book even more special.

Charm or trinket

A small charm or trinket is both thoughtful and personal for a first date gift. Pay attention to whether she wears bracelets or necklaces and choose a charm that fits her jewelry style. Opt for silver, gold, or rose gold in a nature motif like a tree, flower, or leaf for a charm with versatile styling potential.

Cozy accessory

Yarn balls of olive, purple and violet colors and soft and cozy shawl made of them. Hand weaving

Cozy accessories make wonderful first date gifts, especially during fall and winter months. Consider giving her a super soft scarf in one of her favorite colors, luxe hand warmers, a knit winter hat, or soothing lavender eye pillow for relaxing at home. She'll think of you each time she uses the gift.

Gift card to coffee shop or restaurant

You can never go wrong with a gift card to a local coffee shop or popular restaurant in town. Pay attention to her caffeine habits or food preferences as you choose where to get the gift card. Thoughtfully present the gift card in a greeting card highlighting one of her awesome qualities that you noticed during your conversations.

Ticket to upcoming event

Make plans for date number two by gifting her a ticket to an upcoming event around town. Choose something aligned with her interests, like a play at the local theatre, concert featuring a band she likes, museum exhibit, cooking class, or festival. Research local happenings ahead of time to find the perfect event and experience to share.

How To Give The Gift

When giving a first date gift, presentation matters. Rather than just handing her the gift, utilize these tips to create a great experience:

Bouquet in Foamiran paper. A simple bouquet of flowers and greens
  • Present the gift in nice packaging like a gift bag or gift box tied with ribbon. It elevates the presentation.
  • If flowers, have them delivered to her workplace the day before your date. The element of surprise adds excitement.
  • For a gift card or tickets, place them in a greeting card highlighting a thoughtful message about why you wanted to give her that particular gift.
  • When you pick her up for the date, mention you have a little something for her as you give her the gift. Do this after initial introductions, once you're en route to your activity.
  • Let her know you noticed something special about her and selected a gift with her in mind. The meaning behind the gift is most important.
  • After she opens the gift, give her space to react without expectation to love it. Appreciate her verbal or visual excitement in the moment.

With the right gift and genuine delivery, you're sure to impress her and make your first date one she'll never forget. The key is listening to her and showing thoughtfulness. So be observant in conversations leading up to the date, pay attention to hints she drops about her interests, and factor in unique details about her personality when selecting a gift. Such care demonstrates how interested you truly are in getting to know and appreciate this special person.

FAQs About Gifting On The First Date

Should I give her a gift if we already know each other?

Even if you already know each other, a small gift is still a thoughtful touch that makes your first official date feel special and sincere. Opt for something slightly more personal if you know her well, like an inside joke or favorite snack. The gesture shows you value her.

What if I don't know her interests well enough yet?

It's okay if you don't know all her hobbies and interests before your first date. There are "safe" gifts like flowers, chocolate, or a gift card that almost anyone would appreciate. Pay attention on the date itself to learn more for the future.

What if we decide not to go on a second date?

Don't worry about whether there will be a second date. Focus on showing genuine interest in her by giving a gift just for the first date experience itself. Even if you don't connect for more dates, the gesture remains a kind one.

Is it weird to give her a gift before we've met in person?

It's best to wait to give a gift until the end of your first date when meeting for the first time. Gifting before you've actually met comes across as overeager or uncomfortable. Save it for the date itself when it feels more natural.

What's the best way to give her the gift?

When you pick her up for the date, wait until you're on the way to your activity before giving her the gift. Present it thoughtfully, share why you chose it, and express excitement to get to know her better during your time together. Save any elaborate gift reveals for future dates once you know each other better.


While gifting on the first date is not mandatory, it can be a lovely gesture that shows your interest and effort in making the experience more special. It's crucial to keep the gift thoughtful but simple, showing that you pay attention and value her. Remember, the gift should not replace genuine connection and conversation during the date. It's just an extra touch to make the experience memorable.

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